Welcome to Outside the Uni Anime

This little corner of the world wide web serves as a repository for my very own anime reviews.


In general these are reviews of entire series. The main review page will include a mailsto link so you can gripe to me about having gotten it all wrong. If I want to make comments which would involve spoilers, they will be on a separate second page linked from the review page.

I will comment on my view of the suitability or unsuitability of the series for children. I will not, however, either report MPAA-style (G, PG, . . .) or the usual anime importer ratings (like 13+, 16+, . . .). Both systems are flawed. The MPAA-style ratings don't translate well across cultures (for example, the Tenchi Muyo OVA is plainly mild PG, except that there is close to full-frontal nudity in one episode). On the other hand, the anime importer ratings seem to have no basis other than subjective opinion. I will therefore try to give clear explanations of why the series is or is not suitable for children.