Le Portrait de Petite Cosette

Eiri is in love. All his friends think so, and wonder who the girl is. Eiri is worried he has a brain disorder, and seeks medical help: the girl is a vision in a piece of Venetian glass, an antique in the shop Eiri manages. His male friends just worry about him. His female friends, including two spiritualists, try without success to help him.

A horror romance: horror in the usual Japanese mode--creepy with gore--rather than the suspense with startling events mode favored in American horror.

The scene shifts between Tokyo--exteriors of streets, a zen stone garden, the interior of the shop--the French countryside where the girl, Cossette, lived, and a phantasmagorical otherworld where Cossette and Eiri interact.

The animation is beautiful, but if you want the full effect, watch it on the biggest screen available, or on VR goggles, not as I did a small computer screen. The music and the voice acting carry the story well.

Lots of gore and erotic obsession with an underaged girl (albeit without even implied sexual activity). Not one for the kids.

Ratings (out of 5, 1 being worst, 5 being best)

Plot 3.0
Voice-Acting (original)4.0
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