Parental Warning for Haibane Renmei

There is neither violence nor sexuality in the story. However, by the end it seems clear that being born as a haibane is entering some sort of afterlife--evidently only available to children--and that Reki is working out some sort of salvation after having committed suicide. At least that is how I read it, but whether that was the writers intent or not, the suggestion of suicide and despairing of salvation are very much present in the last episode.

Parents who are unwilling to discuss the issue of suicide, or for that matter their own faith's teachings concerning the afterlife and salvation, with their children should be warned against what otherwise is a very lovely story.

In any event, because of the issues involved in the ending, I think Haibane Renmei is unsuitable for children under Rakka's apparent age of 12. (And for other reasons it will bore most boys silly.) 1