End of Evangelion

The director's originally intended ending for NGE, and a testimony to his original vision.

Much better than Eps. 25, 26 which it replaces.

Shinji's final conflict is the same, but the text-on-screen surrealism is replaced with a telling of the surrounding events. Plot differences make Ikari Gendo more sympathetic than he is in the series with the originally televised ending--just another deeply flawed member of the NERV staff, rather than one of the record bastards of anime.

The use of great classical music--begun with the use of the Beethoven's Ninth in the confrontation with the final angel in the series--is continued, and makes for a better than usual anime score.

Again a must see. If you've not seen the series, I would recommend just seeing the director's original vision: watch Eps. 1-24, then this.

A related anime is NGE: Death and Rebirth, which retells the series up to the point where End of Eva begins, but with interactive features that offer explanations (from the point of view of the series with the End of Eva ending) via on-screen menus.

I'd recommend seeing Death and Rebirth only if the entire thing left you confused, in which case after the first run-through, see Death and Rebirth, read the explanations, then see End of Evangelion a second time.

Not one for the kids: same reasons as Neon Genesis Evangelion, plus a real brutal seige sequence with sympathetic characters killed.

Ratings (out of 5, 1 being worst, 5 being best)

Plot 4.0
Voice-Acting (original)4.5
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