(Walther van der Vogelweide)
poetic translation into modern English from
Medieval German Lyric Verse in English Translation
J.W. Thomas, Univ. of North Carolina Press (1968)

Now my life has gained some meaning since these sinful eyes behold the sacred land with meadows greening whose renown is often told. This was granted me from God: to see the land, the holy sod, which in human form He trod.

Splendid lands of wealth and power, I've seen many, far and near, yet of all are you the flower. What a wonder happened here! That a maid a child should bear, Lord of all the angels fair, was not this a wonder rare?

Here was He baptized, the Holy, that all people might be pure. Here He died, betrayed and lowly, that our bonds should not endure. Else our fate had been severe. Hail, 0 cross, thorns and spear! Heathens, woe! Your rage is clear.

Then to hell the Son descended from the grave in which He lay, by the Father still attended, and the Spirit whom none may give a name: in one are three, an arrowshaft in unity. This did Abraham once see.

When He there defeated Satan, ne' er has kaiser battled so, He returned, our ways to straighten. Then the Jews had fear and woe: watch and stone were both in vain, He appeared in life again, whom their hands had struck and slain.

To this land, so He has spoken, shall a fearful judgment come. Widows' bonds shall then be broken and the orphans' foe be dumb, and the poor no longer cower under sad misuse of power. Woe to sinners in that hour!

Christians, heathen, Jews, contending, claim it as a legacy. May God judge with grace unending through his blessed Trinity. Strife is heard on every hand: ours the only just demand, He will have us rule the land.

I have only been able to find a translation of these seven stanzas of the thirteen mentioned in the Wikipedia entry on the song.

Qntal performs the first through fourth and sixth stanzas translated above. In Extremo performs only the first three. Unto Ashes performs the first, second, fourth and sixth stanzas. The Soil Bleeds Black perfomrs the first, second and fourth. 1