Surreal and frenetic. Carried along by a completely coherent rock score (including opening and closing titles) by The Pillows. A thoroughly enjoyable entertainment--but don't try to watch it unless you're prepared to be sharp and attentive, or you'll miss half of it.

One might think it would be bad enough for a 12 year old boy to be afflicted with the unwanted attentions of a depressive chain-smoking girl five years his elder who has transfered her romantic feelings for his absent brother. But that is only the least of Naota's troubles. Giant robots grow out of his head, and a Vespa-riding alien, who weilds a bass guitar as if the axe were not merely a metaphor for its shape, moves into his home as a housemaid, and all of the heretofore quite life in the town of Mabase is thrown into chaos. Quite unsuitable for children: clearly implied sexual activity and rather gory patricide in a dream sequence, bizarre sexual innuendo in the dialog.

Ratings (out of 5, 1 being worst, 5 being best)

Plot 3.8
Voice-Acting (original)4.9
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